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Linea Records - Graphic director 
Video projects
FUZZ ATELIER - cofounder with S. Mazzoli M. Savino
2024.01.22 15mm structures
2022.03.18 Visual live set - Caracol Pisa, Linea Records Showcase
2022.01.10 Architectural Routine on C_A_G_E platform
2021.12.10 Apeirogon collective NFT drop on Artano Platform -
2021.12.10 NFT drop on Artano pltform
2021.11.09 Collective exhibition - Simposio Arte/Architettura su Franco Purini
2021.03.10 Music video for Elliot K, Linea Records
2020.07.22 Tones of the Stones - architecture workshop, structures design
2020.04.18 Pretesto passante - 3d animation
2020.02.18 Urban Corporis “The skin of the city” Books of Architecture, Art, Philosophy
and Urban studies to nourish the Urban Body
2019.09.14  MACAM Beirut, Lebanon, 2nd Biennale of Contemporary Art “Right to Access Universal Data”
2019.06.22 Calvairate Field Day, Milano        Visual and stage installation
2019.02.02 Dude Club, Milano “Eclectic Wall” Visual and stage installation
2018.06.19 Library illustration, call for architecture drawing, honorable mention
2018.06.19 Collective exhibition “Contrejour”
Dedar showroom Brera, Milano
2018.06.08 Forms of distortion - analog and digital drawings
2018.05.25 Timmerman Artweek
2018.04.03 ATHMOSPHERE Politecnico di Milano Design week
2017.05.10 30>30 Galleria Tulpenmanie, Milano                                  Visual live set with Permanent Red
2017.04.04 collective exhibition, Timmerman “Le belle idee piovono dal cielo” design week Via Pastrengo 21, Milano
2016.10.25 Forme uniche - Fra natura e architettura
2016.10.11 Solo exhibition The collapse of rules - Tulpenmanie gallery
2016.04.14 Collective exhibition - 02|06 (70.45.20) Tulpenmanie gallery Milano
2015.09.25 Collective Exhibition - Architettura Sintattica, Grattacielo Pirelli Milano
2015.03.17 Collective exhibition, analog photography, “Dismissed-scapes”
Spazio Visconti, Milano
2015.02.03 Collective exhibition, analog photography, “Dismissed-scapes re-edit” Sottovento, Pavia